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Easy Scheduling

  • Pre-set service times to make scheduling as simple as selecting the client and service
  • Add ‘extra care’ reminders for specific client requests or notes
  • Customize calendar color schemes and hours shown by day
  • Designate confirmed appointments and set out of office hours
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Client Management

  • Store, search and manage all client information instantly
  • View upcoming appointments & past transactions by client
  • Customize the layout and filter client data in a preferred view
  • Create detailed client notes for each contact
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Inventory Management

  • Control and monitor inventory in real time with synched transaction updates
  • Browse inventory by quantity in-stock, retail price, wholesaler and wholesale cost, product line and profit margin
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Transaction Recording

  • Record a transaction for any existing client appointment or invoice or as a stand-alone transaction
  • Track payment/tip method by individual transaction
  • Apply percentage discounts and sales tax instantly with built-in calculators
  • Generate PDF receipts for every transaction with an individual client or business name and address
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Expense Tracking

  • Define custom expense categories that auto-populate for detailed tracking
  • Include exact expense date, description and total paid
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Detailed Reports

  • Analyze revenue flow instantly with real time sales, expense and sales tax tracking
  • Review total transactions by product vs. service and payment method
  • Create weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly reports or set custom date range
  • See the most profitable clients for both sales and tip totals
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Invoice Management

  • Provide detailed invoices with individual line items for each purchased product or service
  • Generate PDF invoices to bill individual client or business electronically or by mail
  • Track outstanding invoices and record transactions for services provided once invoice is paid
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